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Practiced drawing Siren and Mourning’s figure yesterday because I desperately needed to. I am trying to have every woman in VACANT with another body type than the other which is hard for me because I think women are hard to draw. Siren and Mourning are both pretty muscular so I had to make sure they didn’t have the same build as each other. I also wanted to make sure Siren’s build wasn’t the same as Hayze’s. Seems like that would be easier because Hayze is a man, but I don’t see a lot of muscular women in a lot of entertainment. Especially someone as built as Mourning.

I also needed to remember where all of Siren’s scars are. So, yeah, nudity.

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If you want to learn about how to draw comics registration is now open for classes over at Comics For Thought taught by Heather and Michelle Nunnelly.

There are only 20 spots open at one time. Anyone who doesn’t get one will be wait listed and notified when spots are free again.

Register here:!signup/c1rzz



How to Ink

How to Color


  • Assignments

  • One on one critiques with the teachers

  • Group discussions

  • Thorough video lessons

  • Unlimited access to our resources

  • Advice on the comic industry

There’s a few spots still open for those who want to join. :)

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I’m not sure if I am supposed to post this but I am posting it anyway because I like it.

This is new guest art by Adeleye Yussuf.

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VACANT Bits #35

VACANT is out of it’s Hiatus! WOOHOO!

This past weekend they attended MOCCA fest and met with their good friends Nick and Justique, the previous owners of audio shocker. Michelle discussed with Justique about female body image and how it impacts our social lifestyle. Recently, Nickolay Lamm started developing a new doll replicating the “standard paportion s of a 19 year old year,” but, what is “standard?” Does it reinforce idealistic body image?

Michelle and Heather finish the podcast giving The Lego Movie a positive review describing the movie as smart, fun. and bring up that possibly they are conscious of their female fanbase.

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Updated VACANT over here:

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I am putting together the “How I did it” portion of Volume 1. Here’s a photo of the binder for Volume 1. What you see there is an outline of the entire story we had to put together to make sure everything made sense. This is actually a very outdated version. I probably need to make a new one.

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It’s Tuesday which means that VACANT has been updated. Check it out!

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Michelle and I finally launched the Comics For Thought website for the online courses we are starting in May. Sign ups start on April 15th though, and there are only 20 slots available for all of the lessons combined. So, if you are interested mark it on your calendar.

You can also, of course, subscribe to the newsletter that will also remind you about it.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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Okay so here is the promo poster for the small con I was invited to be a featured guest to. You can read more about it here:

You now no longer need to register and it’s free! So please come if you’re in the area.

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There has been a few changes. The biggest one is probably the schedule. Before hand it updated once a month. Now it’s going to update every Tuesday. The reason on why I am changing it is because of a large amounts of complaints. If you are someone that liked the monthly schedule, you can still read it that way. Sign up to the newsletter (to the right below the comic), and every month it’ll give you a reminder to go to the website and read the latest pages.

Also the graphic novel is done! I just need to put the book together and send it to the printers. Thanks for everyone’s patience.